PrdavidDiamondThe Scientific Committee of Riga Diabetes & Obesity World Congress 2015 was pleased to award Pr. David Diamond for his scientific contribution during the 8th World Congress Diabetes & Obesity which was held on July 2-3 in Riga.

Pr. David M. Diamond is a professor of psychology, molecular pharmacology and physiology at the University of South Florida, USA.

Pr Diamond

During this congress, Pr Diamond presented two talks:

The first talk was presented on the first day and was entitled: "Deceptive Statistics Have Created the False Appearance that Statins are Safe and Effective in the treatement of Cardiovascular Disease".

The second talk concluded the congress on the second day and discussed about: "A Critical Appraisal of Current Dietary Guidelines: How Bad Science, Politics and Profits to the Diabetes and Obesity Epidemics".

According Pr Diamond: "Hailed as miracle drugs when they hit the market two decades ago, statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are not as effective nor as safe as we have been led to believe [...]. Statins produce a dramatic reduction in cholesterol levels, but they have failed to substantially improve cardiovascular outcomes. They further state that the many studies touting the efficacy of statins have not only neglected to account for the numerous serious adverse side effects of the drugs, but supporters of statins have used what the authors refer to as "statistical deception" to make inflated claims about their effectiveness."

This critique of the exaggerated claims regarding statins' ability to prevent strokes, heart attacks and heart disease-related deaths on a large scale has been published in the medical journal Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology at .

This paper is an analysis of the data in the statin trials which led them to conclude that "statin advocates have used statistical deception to create the illusion that statins are 'wonder drugs,' when the reality is that their modest benefits are more than offset by their adverse effects."
For more information about other talks of Riga Congress:

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