Dr GildelAlamoDr Paloma Gil del Alamo, from La Báscula Center, Spain was awarded by the scientific committee of Riga Diabetes & Obesity Congress for her exciting presentation on "Using the Television to Promote Healthy Diet and Physical Activity to Prevent or Treat Obesity".


Testimonial from Dr Gil del Alamo: "It was a pleasure to participate in the 8th World Conference on Diabetes and Obesity and see how doctors of so many countries all over the world, are investigating to ameliorate and prevent illness so frequent in our countries, as diabetes and obesity. If we continue in that way, we have an opportunity to improve the life of future generations."

To know more about Dr Gil dela Alamo's study: "Despite multiple strategies against obesity, no country to date has reduced the number of obese people. To reverse this tendency we need different approaches and innovative strategies to educate, engage and mobilize the civil society. The objective of this study is to demonstrate that the television can be used to prove that healthy nutrition and physical activity is effective, affordable and feasible for obese people to loose weight. [...]"

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