After the success of the previous edition organized in Riga in October 2013, we are pleased to announce the organization of the 8th World Congress on Diabetes & Obesity 2015 which will be held in Riga, Latvia on July 2-3, 2015.

Prevention & Treatments Strategies: Our Priority during Riga Congress

In order to participate to slow down and stop the progression of this disease, Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015 will discuss on the latest therapeutic innovations, the new pathways which will allow the development of new pharmaceutical treatments but also discuss how to prevent diabetes and obesity by using natural ingredients to prevent or fight against diabetes and obesity.

Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015 aims also to launch the discussion between the different actors involved in the fight against obesity. It still remains that diabetes and obesity are multi-factorial problems, involving genetic, neurological, behavioral and cultural components, and as such, a long term solution to the problem is unachievable through single sector approach. Instead an integrated strategy is required, with input and close collaboration from all of the many different stakeholders involved - the food industry, governments and regulators, researchers, health professionals, the media, and of course consumers themselves.


Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015 will highlight:
the impact of microbiota / bariatric surgery / biotechnologies / psychotropic medication / testosterone / controversies on statines / nutrigenetic / mechanistics / new drugs / irradiation / hypertension / nutrition / caloric Restriction / menopausa / politics.

Among Sessions of Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015:

  • Overview on Diabetes and Obesity in Europe and around the World
  • Cellular & Molecular Targets for the Prevention & Therapies against Diabetes & Obesity
  • Strategies in 2015 to Prevent and/or Treat Diabetes & Obesity
  • Nutrition, Diabetes & Obesity: What we can say in 2015? 
  • Microbiota, Diabetes & Obesity 
  • Bariatric Surgery & Obesity: Recent Advances & Recommandations
  • Diabetes, Obesity & Biotechnologies: the Non-Invasive Strategies

  • Brain, Depression & Diabetes
  • Psychotropic Medication, Weight Gain & Obesity: Solutions & Strategies

Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015 : New targets and therapies 

Riga Diabetes & Obesity 2015 will provide a unique and rare opportunity for interactions between academics and industrials working in the field of diabetes/obesity treatment and prvention. These 2 days will look toward the future to determine how to address the long-term challenges that diabetologists and endocrinologists are likely to face in the coming years.

The scientific committee wish to create a platform where ideas can be exchanged between all actors, industry and academia. We will encourage individuals interested in cutting edge therapies in diabetes and obesity prevention and treatment, including those who focus on research and development, pharma, medical affairs, and clinical and translational researchers to take part at Riga meeting. 

We wish to meet you in the beautiful city of Riga next July.

Pr Janis Klovins - Pr Lolita Neiname
Pr Valdis Pirags - Pr Andrejs Skesters 
Local Organising Committee

Pr Marvin Edeas
Chairman of Scientific Committee

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